The Best 5 Monsoon Delights in Jaipur

Monsoon time is a time of fun and enjoyment as outside is pouring and you have an excuse to bunk your office or schools, so monsoon brings you closer to your fun nature and if it is added with some tasty foods that will be a heavenly feeling. Jaipur is a famous place in India as the history gets revived here and in this monsoon season, Jaipur has its own charm in terms of some beautiful places with its different Jaipurian cuisines. To make your monsoon enjoying, you should not miss some of the monsoon delights in Jaipur which come with delicious tastes. If you are in Jaipur in the monsoon season, you must try out some foods at some special places that make your mood rocking in the cloudy and cool weather.

1. Rawat Sweet’s Pyaaz ki kachori

Kachori and the rainy season have a long relation and whenever the weather is cloudy, we want some spicy foods that add color in the rain drops. If you have not yet tried this pyaaz kachori at Rawat sweet, you must try it in this monsoon. The crunchiness of this kachori gives an awesome feeling and it also satisfies your mind as well. The Rawat Sweets is near sindhi camp and if this place is on your daily commute way, then you can try this Pyaaz ki kachori.

2. Ghewar at Laxmi Misthan Bhandar

In this monsoon, those who have a sweet tooth, ghewar is an option that satisfies their cravings for sweet. You have to taste ghewar at Laxmi Misthan bahndar, which gives you an ultimate taste. This sweet is very popular during the Teej festival, but if you want to enjoy your rainy season with sweets, then Ghewar can be your choice. It is made of mawa and is a filling food.

3. Sodhani Sweets’ Mirchi vadas

Want to make this rainy season spicy and rocking? Do not waste your time in thinking and pick Mirchi vadas at sodhani sweets. These vadas coated with the gram flour and deep fried in oil gives a mouth watering taste. You may not have difficulty in finding the Sodhani Sweets as it is on the Tonk Road in Bapu Bazar area. The green chili flavor in cool weather is something that you definitely want more.

4. Coffee Shop Near Statue Circle

Coffee keeps you warm in the cool weather of the rainy season and in the evening time, a cup coffee near statue circle makes your mood to take a long break in your daily life and enjoy your moments just seeing rain drops. If you want to taste the best coffee in Jaipur, you have to come to the statue circle, because the rich taste coffee is not available here.

5. Samosa at Khana Restaurant

Outside it is raining and inside you are having fun with your friends or family member with delicious hot samosas at Khana restaurant. This restaurant is itself a brand name here for its quality foods and ambience is also great, which aptly goes with your mood. Samosa is always a desired Indian dish in cool and rainy weather and when it is from Khana restaurant, no one can resist the cravings.