Famous Food Items in Jaipur

Most of the time, Jaipur is crowded with the tourists and the visitors all over the world to know the city and unveil its history. The monuments and lovely architecture astonish many people, but it is not the end here. Other than those scenic beauty and royal gesture, foods also take praise here and that too the traditional authentic Rajathani flavor. One’s visit remains incomplete without tasting those ethnic foods. There are many restaurants and places that serve the Rajasthani foods and some foods never lose its demand among people for its unique flavor and delicious taste. The best thing is that those foods might not charge you too much, so while visiting this place, you must not miss some famous food items in Jaipur, which are listed below.

  • Dal, Bati, churma:

This food comes first in the list of traditional foods in Jaipur. When you plan for the Jaipur trip, then you must include the food in your list as one of the attractions of Jaipur. Dal, bati and churma altogether make a complete dish, which is tasty as well as healthy. The dal or lentil curry makes a pair with bati, roundel flour stuff, baked on charcoals. Churma is basically a sweet dish that needs ingredients including flour, sugar and ghee. Though this is a one complete dish, but it also has many varieties as plain bati or it is stuffed with masala or dry fruits. Generally, it has a traditional way to eat like take a portion of bati and mix it in the dal and churma with ghee and it definitely creates an awesome magic in your mouth.

The best places to have it:

If you get tasty dal bati curma, then you can visit places, including Chokhi Dhoni restaurant and dhabas around the Sindhi Camp area.

  • Ghewar:

Ghewar is mainly a sweet dish and it is also one of the traditional Rajasthani foods. If you are in Jaipur, you should not miss to taste the Ghewar. In some of the festivals like Teej and Ganguar, the demand of the sweet grew higher, though you can have it any time in the year. It comes with many varieties and you can eat whatever you like that includes plain Ghewar, deshi ghee or mawa added.

The Best places to have it:

Laxmi Misthan Bhander in Johari bajar and Rawat Sweets in sindhi camp are the best places for this food.

  • Lal Maas:

It is true that Rajathani dishes are generally vegetarian, but this Lal Maas brings the non vegetarian flavor in Jaipur. This food is an authentic royal food, but you can have this food in every corner of the Pink City. The ingredients, which this food is made with are dry red chilies and red meat with many other spices. This is a delicious food item for the non-vegetarian who think, there is no place for their taste.

The best places to have it:

Niros and Hind restaurants take their own credit to maintain an authentic recipe to make this same dish as it was made in the royal families.

  • Piyaz ki kachori:

While visiting Jaipur, if your mind craves for the spicy foods, then Piyaz ki Kachori is the ultimate food for this mod. kachori stuffed with onion is one of the popular food items among the local people. Tourists, who want to explore their tour beyond those famous monuments, they can taste this kachori and can witness the flavor of core Rajathani spices.

The best places to have it:

Laxmi Misthan Bhander is a famous place that serves delicious Piyaz ki Kachori.

  • Mirchi Vadas:

Mirchi vadas is a street food and it is made with the green chilies. This is also another spicy food after pyaz ki kachori, which is very popular among local as well as tourists. Generally, the green chiles are deep into the basan and then it is fried that create an awesome local flavor.

The best place to have it:

To get tasty Mirchi Vadas, you need to visit Sodhani sweets in Bapu Nagar.

  • Rajasthani Sabji:

As Rajasthani dishes are mainly vegetarian, you can find different flavored Rajathani sabji and among them, gatte ki sabji, Rajasthani curry, Mangori, Pakodi and Ker Sangari are very popular. Gatte ki sabji is the most common and it is prepared by making besan gattas and cooks it into the spicy gravy.

The best places to have it:

These dishes are available in Sharma dhaba on Shikar road and also in Natraj on MI road.

  • Chappati/roti:

Chappati or roti is a part of Rajathani foods and one cannot conclude the rajathani food items without mentioning the name of chappati. Not only that, you can get different flavor of roti that include Bajre ki roti, makki ki roti, besan ki roti and many other dishes.

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