The 10 Different Types Of Friends You Have In Jaipur

Friends are the important parts of our life, without which life seems vacant and it is also true that all people cannot be your friends, only those with whom you can match your personality. When a group friend engages in chatting, they may choose some places where they can enjoy and this nature states what kind of friend you have. Like other parts of the world, jaipurities too are in different nature and the places of their choice define the nature friendship. Though it is quite unusual to think in this way, but you can try it out to know which one is yours. Jaipur is a place of diverse culture and arts and it is told that everyone can find his/her own place of mind in this wonderland, starting from peace to rocking places. The content gives you 10 kinds of friends that you have in Jaipur.

1. Friends who love to spend time at Gourav Tower:

Gorav Tower in Jaipur is a place of luxury and for spending some quality time with friends this place is an ultimate choice of some.  This place carries brand outlets along with the local food stall so that everyone can enjoy a fun time as per their budget. If you like brand, then Dominos, Pizza Hut and Mc Donald welcome you and if you are a lover of local cuisine, then this place definitely serves your taste.

2. Friends who love to spend time at the World Trade park:

The World Trade Park gives you a quotient ambience and those who love soothing scenic beauty; it is the place of them.  The decent people who love some kind of peace, the World Trade Park is what it is made of.

3. Friend who loves chatting in CCD:

CCD is a place of school and college friends where they can share their secrets and hidden story just enjoying a cup of coffee and on top of that it is inexpensive. So, it is the place for those who love talking and sharing feelings and they do not waste their time in seeking good foods. If your friends and you usually meet in CCD (café coffee day), then you are the talkative people.

4. Friends who love watching movies at Crystal Palm Inox:

The classy friends, who generally prefer brands in everything, starting from foods to clothe, Crystal Palm is a multiplex for them. The luxury and entertainment are the common nature of those friends who always find comfort in everything. So if you are a movie viewer at Inox with your friends, you fall under this category.

5. Friends love watching a movie at Entertainment Park:

If you and your friends love to catch a film at Entertainment Park rather than Inox, then your motto is just enjoying a movie with friends, no matter where it is. These friends do not find comfort instead they love to watch more movies within their budget.

6. Friends who go for shopping at MGF:

Those friends who are the mall lovers, MGF in Jaipur is such a place that can go with their taste. Those friends love fashion and modern lifestyle and if they make shopping without any plan for it that means they are the lovers of classy life.

7. Friends who love spending time at MGF, but not for the shop:

Friends who mainly love spending time at MGF, but not love any shopping; it defines that those friends buy the things only when they need it. They shop as per their budget, but they love Malls ambience just as the window shopper. So, there another category and you can find such friends in Jaipur.

8. Mall for both the lovers and those who do not in love:

Mall, especially the food court is a place of free roaming where both kinds of people can be found.  The lovers are sharing their minds by spending a quality time with each other. Those who are single also like this place, especially for watching the couples or spending time alone.

9. Friends at short trip at Nahargrah:

Nahargarh is a place for those who want to spend some fun times with the friends. A long drive to enjoy a wonderful weather makes the mood refreshing. For a small outing with friends, this place can be a perfect choice. Friends who want a small get together, this is an ideal place. If you frequently plan a Nahargrah trip with friends, you are such kind of friends.

10. Friends who love to capture the moments:

Jaipur is the best place of photo session as it has many beautiful places that make a perfect background of your photo and the places also make you lively. If you have friends who always click photo to capture the moments always and upload it on the social network side, then your friends love to share everything with others and very social being.

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