How Monsoon Will Bring New Life In Pink City

Do you ever think that how our natural activities and surrounded environment change with the monsoon? If not, you must try it and you definitely enjoy the monsoon in a different way. In this pink city, monsoon comes with its own color and it paints the whole city with some funny changes. The cloudy weather and heavy rainfall may be the romantic one for all; but those who are imaginative, the monsoon fuels this nature and takes them into a whole new land where the day to day life gets a new meaning in the monsoon. If the rainy season is your holiday season from school or office, it is not enough to describe the charm of these days and only an imaginative person can see this monsoon with new eyes. The content introduces some of the funniest changes in the rainy season with which we all can relate, but we never take it into the consideration before that.

  • Driving on the road is no less than a pool party:

You may enjoy a pool party with a bunch of your friends, but in the monsoon, driving on the road can be compared with the pool party, especially the ride of Nahargarh and Amer. People love to take a long ride in the cloudy weather and if they are accompanied by the loved ones or friends, it adds extra fun in the air.

  • Unknown road becomes famous now:

Whenever monsoon hits the city, you can catch its first glimpse in the front page of newspaper with some lovely captioned. The click of water loaded roads can make its place on the front page of the newspapers and with that, we also know finally the time has come to get rid of the scorching sun. The first few days seem to be comfortable, but as the day passes, we all really miss the glowing sun.

  • Chai and pakodas get its desired respect:

The gloomy weather and heavy rainfall increase the demand of chai and pakodas in every household. Husbands start buttering their wives’ cook only for getting the hot pakodas with the chai. You can find crowds in the local tea stalls. So altogether this season makes people happy in terms of both enjoyment and foods. Other than this, the selling of corn and dal pakodies is also getting higher.

  • Some big changes in the places of Jaipur:

In the monsoon, some changes of people gathering seen in a clear way. In the summer days, those people prefer WTP to GT, with the coming of rain, people sift their liking from WTP to GT and it is a very usual thing here. GT has everything that gives people utmost fun as compared to the decent environment of WTP. In case of shopping, girls go to the Bapu Baazar rather than VP, GT and Triton and these changes is naturally can only be seen in the monsoon and no other season.

  • Behavioral changes in Monsoon:

With monsoon, girls can feel relaxed as there is no need to cover up their faces anymore and they can enjoy the environment with their stylish look. It also fuels the sporty energy among the people and the empty ground became the playground of boys before 4 PM. Besides this, your emergency light is always ready to fill up the gap of the electricity as load shedding is another feature of rainy season. The smart looking boys feel proud showing off their body under the heavy shower and they do not mind even putting off their T-shirt just like Salman or John, of course only on their rooftop.

  • Changes in day to day work:

It is no doubt to say rainy season makes trouble in the working life. The office goers miss the days in this season and those who studying in the school, rainy season only means to them is holiday season. They no more need to find the excuses to bunk the school. Even the school may be open, for the teacher the classes are tough to take that indicates only fun for the students. To make our mood more enjoyable, radio and TV programs are also planned their script in the same way and romanticism touches the every heart of Pink City. Even those who need to maintain a regular duty amid in rain falls or storm, they also take a break and enjoy the monsoon with the family and the loved one. So altogether, nature makes an excuse for all people to take rest for a few days of the year.