Get ready for 4G experience in Jaipur

Jaipur has a rare combination of the tradition and the modern culture and each one acquires its own place in the mind of Jaipurites. It is said that Jaipur comes among the developed cities in India for its improvements in all fields of life, starting from basic needs to modern desire. Now, Jaipur is going to experience another revolution in its technology that may change the life of the people here. After 2G and 3G, the time has come to introduce Jaipur with 4G, which makes no point of doubt in terms of its development. In India, some metro cities have been chosen to set up the 4G tower and Jaipur is one among them that definitely brings high speed in internet surfing. Jaipur is no doubt to say that a place of ethnic culture and heritage; and this introduction of 4G improves the quality of life here and as a tourist place, it is an essential thing.

The introduction of 4G in Jaipur:

It is planned that before 2015, Jaipur got the 4G facility in all areas and Reliance Jio INFOCOM is the company behind this. It is run by Mukhes Ambani’s RIL that solves the infrastructure related issues and make the city a right place to get the 4G technology. As per the plan proposed by the company, the 4G service will spread all over Jaipur in the first quarter of 2015. So, no matter wherever you are in Jaipur, you can use this service, which is a very good option to promote its developed infrastructure to its tourists and visitor. Either you are coming for the business meeting or spending time with family and friends, Jaipur offers you high speed internet connectivity.

About the company:

Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL) proposes to provide the 4G services in India and for this it makes partnership with Himachal Futuristic Communications Ltd (HFCL). In setting up this plan, HFCL plays a big role as it is the company from where RIL acquired Pan-India airwaves for High Speed Internet and Data services. Apart from this, the RIL owned Infotel Broadband is chosen for looking after the network monitoring issue, but the charge of ground level issues are given to HFCL, as this company has the prior experience in such works.

4G in Jaipur:

4G in Jaipur is possible only for the Reliance Jio which has Pan India BWA spectrum license of 2300 MHZ that is suitable to provide this service in Jaipur. Though it is not clear that Jaipur will only get the 4G services or it comes along with voice processing services, but whatever it is, the development of Jaipur in the 4G spectrum is a must-to-have thing. In the early phase of 2014, the 4G cable is already inserted under the ground and now the 4G towers are set up in different areas of Jaipur. The towers are built after every 1000 meters and it needs 25 meter high set up.

The 4G will definitely prove as an essential thing for the Jaipurites as people have been facing difficulty in terms of network connection for a long time and as a tourist spot, which might not be a desirable thing for this place. Besides this, before introducing 4G, Jaipur did not have any ISP that covers up the all areas of the city, other than the BSNL. In case of BSNL service, one can understand the load of huge payment bills that too for the limited access. Reliance Jio 4G really make a difference in terms of using Internet in Jaipur.