5 things people hate about Jaipur

It is no doubt to say Jaipur is a great place in terms of both ancient art and modern culture. The traditional and contemporary things prevail side by side and each one has its own story to tell. The places of attractions are many and you can still witness the arts and crafts Mughal era in its each corner. The place is rich in history and so does in modern technology and luxury. The most of the time, tourist gathers this place to get the glimpse of this unique mixing.

Here and there, history left some valuable monuments, places and many others things that take us in the land of long years back. Even though it satisfies every person with its soothing scenic beauty and outstanding modern outlook, but like other developed cities, it also lacks many things that need to be improved soon. The jaipurian and the tourists face some problems in the day to day life of Jaipur that need to be concentrated.

1. The traffic problem:

traffic problem JaipurTraffic problem is a common thing in almost all cities and people of Jaipur also get used to deal with this traffic with time, but those who are new in the cities they may feel exhausted when stuck in the traffic jam. The situation becomes worse with one –way traffic rule and that too in busy streets like MI road, Ashoka Marg, and C-scheme. The traffic flow is slower that in turn makes a traffic jam and if you have any urgency, your appointment may be missed. So, this unbearable traffic issue of Jaipur is indeed annoying both for the local people as well as tourists.

2. Unending queue of the toll tax:

toll tax jaipurIf you are traveling from Ajmer to Jaipur or Delhi to Jaipur, you may know that you have to give a plenty of time in toll plaza to keep patience in waiting for your number. On this road, it has three to four toll plazas and you can guess that how much time it might take to finish the big row. The most disgusting moment is when your line remains same and the other line gets clear rapidly and if you think to leave your queue to get another one, then it might disappoint you. So you have no other option but to wait.

3. The hike of auto fare:

Auto Fare jaipurThose who do not have private car, they have to choose an auto for their commute mode, but the problem is the auto fare. In Jaipur, it has become usual that the auto drivers to demand the excessive fare even for a few kilometers, especially from the new comers in the city. Auto service is very good in this city and you no need to wait for a long for the auto unlike bus and cab, but the autowalas unfair business makes many tourists clueless. They can even charge 150 to 200 for just travelling from the crystal palm to the place within 7 to 8 kilometers. It would be better for the new ones to choose cabs instead of auto for the travelling that keep them safe from those demands.

4. The no parking sign:

no-parking-signIf you are from this city, you may know that what no parking sign means. This incident happens to many and those who are new, they also get used to with the time. You may find a place to park your car after many difficulties and even though before parking you check the no parking sign board, there is uncertain to get your car at the same place where you left. Your car may be gone or your car may be locked by the car stopper and there is no one who wants to listen to your statement. You have to make holes in your pocket to get your car. This is another worst situation about Jaipur that people face sometimes.

5. The smell of garbage spoils makes unhealthy situation:

garbage spoils jaipurHere and there you can find the hip of garbage in Jaipur that definitely spoil the fresh air and makes an unhygienic environment for the people. The both sides of some roads have become the place for dustbins and when crossing those roads, it is normal to feel difficulty in breathing. Except those have private car, the other people those are travelling by bus or other public transport are the victim of this situation. This problem needs an immediate attention from the public authority, because the same situation should not continue for a long. It also lowers the value of Jaipur, which is considered one of the wonderful cities in India.

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