Shopping in Jaipur – Where To Shop In Jaipur

Jaipur is a shoppers’ ecstasy. This beautiful city colored in pink is not only available famous for its rich royal heritage the Maharajas left behind. Jaipur also represents the rich and vibrant lifestyle and tradition of Rajasthan. It houses the best textile and artwork, cutting and polishing of precious and semi precious stones and diamonds in India. Again, the local ‘Kundan’ style jewelry, exotic blue pottery, batik painting, block printed textiles, tie & dye fabrics, Mojari- (the local shoe), sandal wood carving items, beautiful stone carvings etc. has a special place in the world market too.

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Various lanes and streets are especially dedicated to jewelry shopping in this traditionally rich city.  While Maniharon Ka Rasta is famous for lac jewelry, Johari Bazaar is most marketed for other jewelries and things like table tops, mirror frames, betel nut boxes and sindoor holders. Gopalji ka Rasta and Haldiyon ka Rasta is dedicated to silversmiths. Pahar Ganj in the Surajpol Bazaar area is known for cutting, polishing and selling of precious and semi precious stones. Block prints, blue pottery, carpets and antiques are pride of Sanganer village and M.I. Road.

Jaipur Carpets

The heritage city Jaipur is famous for its vibrant and artistically woven fabrics and carpets. The traditional designs and fabrics used are simply the best and highly rated in the world. Poetically, the art of the colorful province of Rajasthan expresses itself through the fine fabrics of the capital city.

Camel Leather Goods Jaipur

The imperial heritage city of India, Jaipur is famous for its rich leather craft industries. The Ship of the Desert, Camel is a common site in the city.

Jaipur Handicrafts

Jaipur has more than its famous history to offer. For the shopaholics, who love to spend their vacation here, the city will never disappoint them. The semi desert region is known for its remarkable handiworks that preserve its ancient art and crafts.

Jewelry Gems

If you have a huge affinity for ancient heritage and exquisite jewelry, well Jaipur is the place for you. The city rich is culture and history hosts jewelry as an integral and inherent part of its culture.

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