Camel Leather Jaipur

Camel Leather Goods Jaipur

The imperial heritage city of India, Jaipur is famous for its rich leather craft industries. The Ship of the Desert, Camel is a common site in the city. As such camel leather items like bags, shoes, wallets and sandals are renowned all over the world for their elegance and design. The products are the joint effort of Rajasthani men and women. While men are involved in tanning, cutting and hemming, women look after the embroidery. The ‘Bapu Bazar’ in Jaipur is the storehouse of camel leather items. Of all, the camel leather footwear and bags are most popular among the tourists. Therefore, do not get lured only by the crafts, fabrics and jewelries of the city, but gaze wider for the leather market too. No wonder Jaipur is known as the “Shopping Paradise” – the varied and extraordinary handiworks, leather products and textiles being the reason.

Beautiful and Elegant


As mentioned earlier, the crafting design on the leather items is done by the women folk. In fact a lot of Rajasthani household depend solely on the business of making and selling leather products. The men folk get involved in the hard task of tanning the leather and then cutting and sewing it. The women take over the delicate, intricate and creative part of designing the leather with elegant embroidery. For the jutis, embroidery is first done on velvet and later stitched or fixed on the shoes. Kashida Kari is the term associated with this kind of embroidery work.

Rich Quality and Design

Jaipur is the best place to buy camel leather products, both in terms of designs and quality, well for obvious reasons. Camel leather is durable and sturdy. Anatomically, it has ten times more fibers than cowhide which protects the animal against extreme climatic conditions. Located in the semi-desert lands of Rajasthan, camels are among the most common animals found in this place. The unique pattern of the animal leather makes it all the more attractive. The artisans and designers of Jaipur are famous in the world for this craft itself. ‘Mojri’ footwear is a common sight in the city. Made of camel leather, it is designed and embroidered in quiet an artistic manner. It is given a fashionable and highly sophisticated look. Some other leather item you may include to your shopping list will be shoes, bags, toys, wallets and dolls. They never stop experimenting though.

Camel leather items are good for gifting because of its uniqueness. The semi desert city offers a plenty of designs, patterns and styles for its leather products. The beautiful lamps and lampshades cannot be overlooked. To sum up, Jaipur is the ultimate destination for camel leather products shopping. You for sure will never get ditched in terms of fashion and quality.

Here is a tip: When you are out on the streets shopping in Jaipur, keep your eyes wide open. The city is a bustling hub of bazaars with a plethora of authentic and colorful goods on the bay.

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