Jewelry Gems in Jaipur

If you have a huge affinity for ancient heritage and exquisite jewelry, well Jaipur is the place for you. The city rich is culture and history hosts jewelry as an integral and inherent part of its culture. They are unique. They are a unique blend of the contemporary and conventional. They are seen everywhere in the market places or ‘bazaars’ as the locals call it. A few of the most popular places for gems and jewelry shopping will be Johari Bazaar, Haldion ka Rasta, Gopalji ka Rasta, M.I. Road, Maniharon Ka Rasta, Tripolia Bazar and Surajpole Bazaar. The jewelers in this part of the country uses precious gems like rubies, emeralds, diamonds and even sapphires on ornaments made of silver and gold. The designs and styles are special and are limited to Rajasthan. Nowhere in the world will you find these unique crafts.

Thewa Jewelry

Thewa jewelry has been attached with the Rajasthanis since the Mughal era. The technique used in crafting these jewelries is unique. The jewelry is made and embossed with gold sheets on molten glass. They are available in different designs and patterns and the exquisite from the rest of the world.

Kundan Jewelry

Kundan Jewelry sees a heavy rush especially in festive occasions like weddings. They are normally created with polished gemstones in a variety of colors set in ornately designed, pure gold, or any other metallic base. This process begins ‘Ghaat’ then ‘Paadh’ and finally ‘Khudai’ where the lac/wax is molded with the gem.

Meenakari Jewelry

Meenakari is another unique inclusion in Rajasthani jewelry apart from the basic Kundan, Jadau and Thewa and temple jewelry. Meenakari was introduced by Raja Mansingh of Amer. The jewelers and craftsmen of Rajasthan were taught by artisans from Lahore. This blend of ‘Jaipuri’ and ‘Lahori’ designs was hence named Meenakari. The process is a complex on though and need a great deal of talent and dexterity. There is a base of silver or gold filled with various colors. Since not all colors stick to silver, only blue, green and yellow is used. On the other hand, gold is compatible with every color.

Jadau Jewelry

Jadau Jewelry is too an inclusion of the Mughal Era. The jewelry is most popular for festive occasions like marriages and other grand events. In this form of art, the ‘Jaipuri’ artists add their own personal touch and hence make it all the more unique. They normally make use of different kinds of gems, crystals semi-precious stones, precious stones and beads. They are embedded in pre-heated and softened gold. This prevents the use of glue or other bonding agents.

Jaipuri gems and jewelries are unique because they never go out of fashion. Their exclusive antique look keeps them alive. Take a minute to look at these jewelry pieces. You are sure to get fascinated by these classic jewelry pieces upon holding on your hands.

The Jewelry Market

  • Gold has always been enticing Indian Women since time immemorial. Jaipur is the perfect place to quench this thirst. The Rajasthani Design sets them apart.
  • Kundan ka Kam is famous among the Royal Clan. They are natural flowers and petals made out in Green and Red colors.
  • You cannot bargain while purchasing Gold. But do not forget to look for Discounts and Schemes they offer from time to time.
  • Festivals like Deepawali and New Year are huge of the people here and as such they offer several schemes too.
  • Laakh ki Choodiyan is something you won’t want to miss.
  • Johari Bazar is the best place to shop for your jewelries.

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