Best Places to Enjoy Pani Puri in Jaipur

Pani Puri has always been a popular street food. It is a delightful snack which is too refreshing and light but no matter how easy it is to prepare, not every place offers this lips smacking Indian chaat in the best of its taste. If you are in Jaipur and you are looking for the most famous places offering the best of golgappas in Jaipur then we bring to you a list of the finest joints in the city which never disappoint you when it comes to wonderful pani puri. So try each of these places to revive your taste buds.

Gopal Ji

Gopal ji is one of the oldest and the most popular chaat joints in Jaipur. And if you are looking for a place where you can find the best pani puri in the city then Gopal ji is the place to be. Located at one of the corners of Ahimsa Circle, Gopal ji offers authentic golgappas along with different choices of chaat for a mouthwatering experience.


Located in Raja Park, Jaipur, Chawlas has always been a promising name whenever we talk about chaat in Jaipur. Make sure you do try the awesome pani puri at this joint which serves golgappas loaded with flavored water which is full of taste and freshness.

Nand’s Golgappas

Opposite to Chawlas is another famous place where you can treat yourself with amazing pani puri in Jaipur. Not just that you can also taste different chaat variants of golgappas. This place is known for its consistently good pani puri in the city.

Laxmi Chaat Bhandar

Located in Bapu Bazar, this is one of the most popular chaat joints with the ladies of Pink City as it is placed in the most loved markets of the town. If you are tired shopping then rejuvenate your body, mind and taste buds with the delicious pani puri at Laxmi Chaat Bhandar which also offers various other street foods.

So pick any of these locations to start your journey to hunt the best pani puri in Jaipur.

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