Meet these 10 famous Jaipur Women Entrepreneurs to Draw Inspiration from

Present day women are as competent and talented as men. She is educated, independent and courageous to take up challenges and emerge as a winner!!!

Women are epitome of strength and accomplishments. They have the magical power to manage their home, pursue their career and also make a difference to the society. There are various women around us who are struggling each day and writing their own success stories. Some have been able to earn the limelight, whereas some are happy doing their bit without any feathers added to their hats.

Women of Jaipur have emerged as examples for many women who wish to be successful entrepreneurs. We have compiled a few successful and impressive names of women entrepreneurs in Jaipur who are worth following for their amazing work. Here are some names:

Archana Surana, Founder and Director of the ARCH Academy of Design

Archana Surana Entrepreneur Women Jaipur

Ms. Archana Surana is a renowned name in Jaipur. She has gifted the city a reputed institution by the name of ARCH Academy of Design which offers various Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses in Interior Design, Fashion Design, Jewelry and Accessory Design, Textile Design, Design Management etc. She herself has an experience of over two decades in art and design. And her institute offers practical training and exposure to students who want to make career in these fields.

Kulsum Malik, Founder of Kaya Kalp

Kulsum Malik Entrepreneur Women Jaipur

Ms. Kulsum Malik is the name behind the wide range of herbal beauty products. Her idea of beautifying women has become a reality not only in the form of various products she offers under her brand but also various beauty parlors that she has set up to offer wonderful range of beauty services to women. Her vision to reach out to masses with her products and services that add on to the charm of the personality is surely an inspiration for many women.

Princess Diya Kumari, Founder of Princess Diya Kumari Foundation

Princess Diya Kumari Entrepreneur Women Jaipur

The charm and enigma of her personality is pure magic. The princess from the erstwhile royal family of Jaipur is an inspiration for many ladies out there. She is the founder of Princess Diya Kumari Foundation which is constantly working to empower women by helping them learn skills through various livelihood programs organized by the foundation. She is a wonderful motivator with a potential to inspire women to earn a living independently.

Alka Batra, Founder of Aegis Consultancy Services

Alka Batra Entrepreneur Women Jaipur

Known for her business acumen and knowledge, Ms. Alka Batra is a renowned women entrepreneur of Jaipur. Her name features in the 1st generation of successful women entrepreneurs in Pink City. Aegis Consultancy Services has been offering professional consultancy solutions to various companies in the city based on their subjective requirements.

Smita Jaipuria, Packaging Expert

Smita Jaipuria Entrepreneur Women Jaipur

The amount creativity and art she puts in her packaging and gifting is truly a delight. Ms. Smita Jaipuri is a well known face in Japiur for her class apart solutions in gifting and packaging. She started with a handmade paper manufacturing unit when her husband witnessed financial crisis. Unfortunately, her venture was not a success but then she came up with an idea of offering exquisite packaging solutions to people which has now become a successful story.

Anastassiya Savchenko, Founder of Jaipur Women Blog

Anastassiya Savchenko Entrepreneur Women Jaipur

She and her team of creative writers connect us with various successful and inspiring women in this world who are making a change in their own small and big ways in different spheres of life. Ms. Anastassiya Savchenko started this blog by taking inspiration from women around her in Jaipur city who are struggling in some way for some appreciation and recognition.

Dr. Anita Hada Sangwan

Dr. Anita Hada Sangwan Entrepreneur Women Jaipur

Dr. Anita is another inspirational woman from Jaipur, Rajasthan. She possesses immense knowledge on different subjects and that’s the reason she has been working as host on various news channels. She is also employed as Asst. Professor of English at IIS University. Not only that, she is also on the panel of Rajasthan Police Academy and RICEM. She is a very talented lady who motivates us to balance different facets of our life.

Dr. Jai Shree Periwal, Director JPIS

Dr. Jai Shree Periwal Entrepreneur Women Jaipur

She is a woman who has dedicated her life to education and she is the name behind the revolution in education. In last 15 years, she has successfully set up 5 schools offering education to over 8000 students. Once a homemaker and now an inspiring woman entrepreneur, she has had a journey full of hard work and passion.

Kamla Poddar

Kamla Poddar Entrepreneur Women Jaipur

Another popular woman entrepreneur from Jaipur, she strongly supports women empowerment and all her work focuses on making woman stronger by helping them develop their skills. Indian Institute of Fashion Design (NIFD) with starting of Kamla Poddar Institutes in 1999. She is now making her mark in jewelry designing and her two sons are assisting her in everything she does.

Aastha Agarwal, Founder of

Aastha Agarwal, Founder of, Entrepreneur Women Jaipur

Ms. Aastha Agarwal is the founder of a popular online portal for kids wear and accessories in India under the name Her twin babies were her inspiration to start with an online fashion store for children where mothers can comfortably shop for latest designer dresses, party dresses and ethnic clothes for baby boys and girls with utmost ease. She wanted an online store which is accessible to mothers staying in cities where there are not much choices to shop fashion for their little ones and she has definitely succeeded in making her dream a reality. Now the store also offers international shipping across the globe.

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